Laboratory for Extreme Photonics

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Welcome to the Laboratory for Extreme Photonics


View the construction phase of LEX Photonics by clicking on the picture

In 2012 the Laboratory for Extreme Photonics (LEX Photonics), a new research infrastructure of the Faculty of Physics of the LMU, has started its operation.

LEX Photonics is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of attosecond physics.
This relatively new area of laser science aims at exploring the microcosm by observing electron processes in matter with the highest time resolution available to date.

On the other hand, LEX Photonics research is also concerned with studying high-field laser-matter interactions at unprecedentedly high electric fields. Here the main goal is to harness them for novel methods of medical imaging and therapy.

For these purposes a new generation of pulsed laser sources is being developed in LEX Photonics with unprecedented characteristics. These are the ultrabroad bandwidth spanning several octaves, leading to few-cycle through single-cycle to even sub-cycle pulses, and the high peak and average powers, resulting in relativistic field strengths.

Video of the construction phase of LEX Photonics